Kayla and Ru

A spring wedding at Cluny Castle

The wedding of Kayla and Ru at Cluny Castle in Aberdeenshire was an amazing event that will be remembered by all who attended. Kayla, originally from Chicago, travelled all the way to Scotland to marry her soulmate in a picturesque and historic location in March.

The couple exchanged their vows in the magnificent Cluny Castle Chapel, which provided a stunning backdrop for the ceremony. The castle, which dates back to the 14th century, is a perfect example of Scottish architecture and heritage. Its grandeur and elegance added to the romantic atmosphere of the wedding.

Kayla, who looked absolutely stunning in her wedding dress, was accompanied by her girl gang, who wore the most lovely emerald green bridesmaid dresses. The green colour of the dresses perfectly complemented the rich tones of the castle’s interior, creating a harmonious and elegant aesthetic.

The wedding was a perfect blend of Scottish traditions and American flavor. The couple incorporated traditional Scottish elements such as bagpipes and kilts into their wedding ceremony, while also adding burst of colour with floral displays throughout the castle, the styling by the seriously talented Platter and Pop is unique in itself and oozes pure glam and luxury.

In most weddings there is always loved ones missed and I particularly love Kayla and Ru’s way to include those they love so much but are no longer with them. It’s a celebration and to think of those missed so much with a lovely framed photo of them proudly near the top table smiling back at them on their special day means so much on the day itself. I recommend making sure there’s a place set for those missed the most.

The guests were treated to a delicious feast that included traditional Scottish delicacies. The wedding cake was a beautiful showcase of the couple’s personalities, with little figurines of them and their favourite fur baby towering the top of the cake.

The wedding was a truly memorable occasion that celebrated the union of two people in love. It was a testament to the power of love to bring together people from different parts of the world.

It was a day filled with love, laughter, and joy, and one that will be remembered for years to come.

Thank you for letting me make the memories with you.

Sandie x


Cluny Castle, Scotland

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